Premium Session:

(120+ pictures, up to 3,5 hours, for $400*)
Unlimited looks
makeup and styling not included
image processing and online proofs included
DVD of all high resolution JPGs included
(10) Ten Retouched images included
each extra hour – if needed – $100
This is a comp card session if you are a model/actor.

Standard Session:

(min. 50-70 pictures, up to 2 hours) for $300*
Up to 4 looks
makeup and styling not included
image processing and online proofs included
DVD of all high resolution JPGs included
(5) Five Retouched images included


2 looks (~40 pictures) for $150*
makeup and styling not included
image processing and online proofs included
Professional retouching of 2 chosen images and a DVD of all
high resolution JPGs included
Please inquire about group rates.

* a driving fee will be added if a traveling distance is greater than 20 miles from Cary.

Retouching**: $20/image

**ie. skin corrections, wrinkle/blemish removal, light figure/face manipulations,
overall photo improvement More info in FAQ section, before/after galleries HERE.

Makeup Artist Fee:

2 looks for $100*, includes makeup and hair

FAQ and Session Info:

LOOKS: A look is a single change of wardrobe and/or change of hair/makeup. Adjustments to wardrobe is allowable, e.g. jackets, ties, scarves, shaving during look (men) etc.

SHOOTING PLACE: I shoot Headshots in my home/studio in Cary, or I can come to you (a driving fee may be added) – whether it be your home or office, if that is a business headshot. Lighting equipment comes with me, so you’ll get a quality studio shots at your place. We can also shoot natural light portraits on location of your choice. Modeling shots can also be done at my place. Family, Senior, Couples sessions are shot in your house/backyard or/and on location. If you need a studio for those – it can be rented for an additional fee.

SESSION OPTIONS: Headshots are for acting and a business person. Whether done in the studio or on location. Headshot session does not include full body, 3/4 body shots. These are modeling shots and Standard or Premium Sessions are for that. If you’re a model/actor and need photos for a new comp card – this is option for you. Standard and Premium sessions also apply to family/couples photoshoots.

PROOFING and DISC RELEASE: You’ll see your images within 2 business days of your shoot. You’ll receive an email with a link and password to your proofing gallery. Once you make your retouching picks I’ll begin retouching your photos, and when done – you’ll get a disc with all the shots from your shoot – in two resolution formats: one for web/computer viewing (Facebook, email, etc.) and Hi-rez files for printing. Alternatively -  I can upload your files in a folder, zipped and host it on my Dropbox App. for you to download. You will receive the link to that zipped file in email.

RETOUCHING: I offer retouching for your selects at $20 an image. This is an all inclusive rate unless there is custom work involved (ie. digital compositing, changing actual aspects of the photo). Headshot retouching includes toning down wrinkles, removing blemishes and other skin corrections, dark circles under eyes, removing stray hairs, whitening teeth, cleaning up, etc.

All images will be color corrected, with contrast, levels and sharpness optimized). If you need more of your photos retouched – volume discounts are available. To get an idea what retouched image will look like check my retouching page.

MAKEUP and HAIR: A makeup artist is not included in your shooting fee. You are welcome to bring a makeup artist with you or do it yourself. You may come with your makeup on, of course. If you are doing your own makeup and hair – you are responsible for how it looks in the shots. If you’d like your makeup done – I’ll be happy to send you a list of recommendations. Remember though – if you’re an actor – you should be able to replicate what you look like in your headshot, so doing makeup yourself is a good idea. One more thing – skip the tanning salon on the week of your shoot.

WARDROBE FOR HEADSHOTS: Keep it simple and clean. No busy patterns (the will distract from you) or logos. Stay away from clothes that are too bright or flashy. Solid white doesn’t usually work well by itself, try to wear it under something else. Dark colors (earth tones, blues, greens and black) usually work the  best. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and eye color.  Bring a variety of shirts with a mix of necklines i.e. t-shirts, button-down shirts, v-neck, etc. If you are a guy – think layers (a blazer and collar shirt, a t-shirt and sport jacket, etc.).

OR: bring whatever you like and feels comfortable and we make it work

SHOOTING TIME FOR HEADSHOTS:  When you come in, I’ll be already set up and usually can finish the photos in about 20-30 minutes. If more time is needed to get the money shot – we shoot till we get it. You can plan on about 1 hour, just to be safe.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

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